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The culmination of many years of research and development, the Ultimate is our latest flush-free pedestal.

It contains all our innovations, from high-quality construction to automatic urine diversion.

The Ultimate pedestal is suitable for those wishing to upgrade their existing system with a new toilet pedestal. It’s also perfect for a new composting system—whether you are building your own from scratch—or utilising our under-floor compost chamber.

The Ultimate pedestal diverts urine away from the composting chamber, allowing you to pipe or bottle it for use as a fertiliser.

Urine diversion significantly enhances a composting toilet system:

  • speeds up the composting process
  • minimises required storage
  • significantly reduces odour

The Ultimate pedestal has been extensively tested and modified through many iterations, resulting in a bowl design which effectively and automatically separates urine flow. Simply connect a hose to the fitting on the underside of the pedestal and direct it to a dissipation trench or storage vessel.

Urine is sterile (provided you are healthy) and for gardeners, it can be an excellent fertiliser as it is very rich in phosphates.

  • High-quality gloss-white finish for easy cleaning
  • Strong, lightweight GFRP construction (handmade)
  • Easy to operate manual vanity shutter
  • Matching soft-close toilet seat included
  • Additional ventilation fan and other modifications available upon request

The unit is boxed and available for pick up or delivery via Australia Post.

Weight (kg) 11
Box dimensions (cm) 59×47×43

12. Side dimensions11. Top dimensions13. Bottom dimensions

Will it be approved by my local council?
The Ultimate pedestal is fully compliant with Australian Standards. It’s an ideal replacement for an old pedestal in your existing system, or in a new DIY installation. We’ve summarised the local government approval process in NSW for your information.

How does the vanity shutter work?
Simply press down on the knob and rotate to swing open or close the shutter. It is manually-operated, and customers wishing to leave it open may do so (although it is best to close it after use).

Is the double-bowl urine diverter suitable for females?
Absolutely! The urine diversion system has been designed for women and men to use comfortably.

What do I do with the diverted urine?
Connect a 25 mm diameter hose to the urine port and run it to a small trench (e.g. two metres long). Plant some lemon trees and open a lemonade stand! Alternatively, some people bottle the urine and mature it for use as a fertiliser.

What size chute fits?
Please refer to the specification diagram for details. The outer diameter of the chute connection is 180 mm, and there is clearance of about 45 mm around it underneath the pedestal.

General composting toilet questions

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How much waste is produced?
The average human produces 125 g of solid waste per day. In a four-person household, that’s half a litre every day, continually breaking down as it decomposes.

Will it smell?
If the variables of the system are managed correctly (heat, water content, bulky additives to prevent compaction) then no, the compost will not smell. Ventilation fans are available to further assist.

How long does the composting process take?
It depends on those variables (primarily temperature), but anything from weeks to months. Finished compost is like humus, a dry earth-like substance that is rich in nutrients.

What can be added to compost?
All organics are fine to add, from vegetables to garden waste. Just make sure the compost doesn’t get too wet, too dry, or too compacted. Some people add worms, a process called vermicomposting.

How can I use it when it’s finished?
There’s a lot of information out there on which plants are most suitable to fertilisation by compost but all areas of your garden will benefit, although you may not wish to use it for growing food.

Is it really safe?
Yes. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a viable method of managing human waste. If the conditions are right, the composting process will eliminate the pathogens in your waste. In an absolute-worst-case scenario, if your compost is only for personal use: you could only catch something you already had.

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Designing your own system

Designs for underfloor chambers
DIY designs

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