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BowenArrow Products is a family-owned Australian company specialising in GFRP composites (fibreglass). We manufacture strong lightweight products, customised for individual orders and/or in wholesale volumes.


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Product Description

The ultimate solution for the off-grid, sustainable bathroom of the future. The Ultimate is our latest pedestal, designed to help you enjoy the benefits of owning a waterless composting toilet.

Our innovative Ultimate pedestal is suitable for people building a new composting toilet, or upgrading their existing system.

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BowenArrow timeline

Development history

  • 1954 Surfing & GFRP composites

    A passion for surfing leaves us with a knowledge of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) technology

  • 1978 Décor & jewellery

    Early products manufactured included jewellery, items for interior designers and garden pieces

  • 1978 Automotive & commercial parts

    Experience with specialised small-scale production led us to industrial manufacturing

  • 1979 Vanuatu aid project

    Southern Cross University approach us to construct composting toilets for an aid project

  • 1980 Other Pacific island nations

    Success in Vanuatu led to composting toilet projects in Fiji, Samoa and other Pacific nations

  • 1981 Alternative pioneers

    Individuals in northern NSW seek us to produce pedestals for their home-built composting toilets

  • 1995 Commercial composting toilets

    Popularity of waterless toilets leads to Australian companies engaging us for wholesale production

  • 1999 Urine diversion

    We incorporate the latest Scandinavian innovation to improve composting

  • 2006 Design innovation

    A range of pedestal styles are produced to suit different conditions and lifestyles

  • 2012 Quality improvements

    A new manufacturing partner helps us achieve a high-quality glossy surface finish

  • 2015 Ultimate pedestal

    The culmination of 35 years of R&D in composting toilet design

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